Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Monochrome Set

I have to give thanks to Bradford Cox and my lovely wife for helping me discover this gem of a band. Formed in 1978 after singer Bid and guitarist Lester Square left their college band The B-Sides, later to become Adam & The Ants, funky! They released a good amount of singles through Rough Trade, which you can find in compilations White Noise: Early Recordings and The Independent Singles Collection, and three solid albums, Strange Boutique, Love Zombies, and Eligible Bachelors. Their music is full of tongue in cheek lyricism, delivered smoothly through Bid's Lou Reed influenced English lilt , and jazzier takes on the then fresh post-punk sound. Class all the way round. A perfect pairing with some scotch and smirking at the current irony enslaved society. 

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