Friday, August 26, 2011

Pineal Pizazz

Slipping my green jeans on for this one here.....there. Now I'm sure that everyone is hip to the fact that we(especially Americans,) are being pumped full of sodium fluoride on a daily basis. It's in our water, toothpaste, canned foods(really anything that comes in a can,) microwave popcorn, farmed fish, store bought vegetables, non organic milk, meats from corn fed animals and cheap teas. And I'm also sure that everyone knows that this shit is toxic right? .....Right? 
Okay, first a brief history lesson on Fluoride. During the 1940's scientists apart of the Manhattan Project used fluoride to enrich uranium during the production of the atomic bomb and aluminum, which fluoride is also a byproduct of, was also in heavy use in war time factories. After all of that had blown over( ugh, bad pun I know,) they were left an over abundance of sodium fluoride with no place to put it. Hmm. Then it was discovered that instead of just dumping all of this in rivers, lakes and the ocean, they could turn around a make a buck off of using it as an additive for teeth and bone "health". In 1986 the estimated worldwide consumption of fluoride was several million tonnes. Fast forward to what those numbers would be today and a cold shiver runs up your spine. 
Now onto effects. Sodium fluoride can build up in many parts of your body, joints, muscles, bones, but mostly it calcifies in the pineal gland. Which is very bad. The pineal gland is what regulates melotonin production, wake and sleep patterns, seasonal functions, psychological health, and is believed by many metaphysics and philosophers to be the seat of the soul. There is a lot more to it than that, but if you're reading this blog, you have access to the internet and more information. Just watch out for all the left field new-age quack sites.  
Here's a few tips on stripping away some of that nastiness: Try to get at least twenty minutes of sunshine a day and sleeping in darkness. 
Use reverse-osmosis water.
Buy as much organic items as you can afford.
Use toothpaste without fluoride. Tom's makes a few good ones.
Get some exercise tubby!
Use a sauna as frequently as you can.
Vitamin C is your friend
Annnnnd having a good time with some psilocybin a couple times a year actually cleanses the pineal gland. This has been practiced for 9000 years, it's got to have some merit. 

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